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The Cat Agent Must Be Strong

I was browsing book giveaways on Booklikes when I firstly saw “Arlo’s Epiphany” by Jane Oldaker. Frankly speaking, I fell in love with its lovely cover immediately. The summary also was intriguing. Therefore I asked the author to send me this book.

It appeared to be an interesting tale about the cover operative Arlo, the cat, who was upset of his mocking by usual home cat. Though it looks like a tale, “Arlo’s Epiphany” has a piece of description of adult feeling. Arlo was disappointed of himself because being the secret agent he couldn’t beat ordinary civil pet. It was great shame on him to get such a miserable injury not being at work. He was intended to give up his career and thinking that his friends were neglecting him because of this situation.


But he was wrong. McTavish, the cat, who made him suffer, was a big pain of all animals for a long time. And the fight with Arlo was the end of Mahoney’s patience, his best friend. So he gave McTavish a good lesson and made him feel the same humiliation as Arlo had.I was really surprised reading the final episode because as the result McTavish became a nice cat. Yeah, maybe sometimes all of us need a good lesson to behave in appropriate way and not to cross the line, needn’t we?=)


I give “Arlo’s Epiphany” 4/5 stars. I was enjoying reading about Arlo’s grief, the Mahoney clever plan and happy final. I appreciate the concept of human cruelty concerning using animals for people’s aims. In my opinion, it’s unfair to use innocent creatures in evil experiments. I agree, that such acts against the nature will lead to its rebellion like in “Arlo’s Epiphany”.

I've received a free copy of "Arlo's Epiphany - The Secret Life and Career of Arlo the Barncat" by Jane Oldaker. I'll read it by the end of May (after finishing my course project) and make a review. Thanks to the author for giveaway! I'm really excited to read it!